The school library is open for students during school hours.At least one library period is assigned in the weekly schedule for all classes.
1) Strict Silence should be observed in the library.
2) Students are not allowed to bring their personal belongings
to the library.
3)They must carry the library card, signed by the completent authority.
4)Student who keeps a books longer than the time permitted will be fined one rupee per day.
5) Books in the reference section should be taken out from the libray.
6)Periodic publication, dictionaries, guides and other costly reference books are not to be taken out of library.
7)Issue of books can any time be suspended by the order of the Principal.
8)T.C. Will not be issued unless a clearance is obtained from the librarian.
9)Books issued should be returned to the library in a good condition, If a book is marked, disfigured the borrower will have to either replace the book or pay the price of the book.
FREE EDUCCATION: Free education is provided to the handicapped students on submission of mecessary certificate.
Brother /Sister concession is given to student studying in BPS School (for one child only)The students can avail concession only on providing documentary evidence.

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