Rules Of Discipline

    1) Children should come neatly & properly dressed In prescribed school uniform.
    2) Student Must strictly follow the school timing. Students should reach school 5 minutes before the school bell.
    3) All Students must take part in assembly & then silently go back to their respective classes.
    4)All students must maintain strict discipline within the school premises.
    5)All Students should stand up &wish the teacher or elderly person,who enters the class.

    6) Students will not shout & play in the classroom or in the corridores.
    7)Students should be helpful & mutually co-operative among themselves.
    8)Students should follow etquette by using words like please Thank you "," excuse Me" Etc.
    9) Students should strictly speak in English within school premise.
    10)The school premises and the class rooms should be kept neat and tity.

    11)With out the permission of the teacher no one should enter any classroom.
    12)Lost things found must be deposited to the class teacher.
    13)if the student is absent for 15 for consecutive days without a mdedical certificate ,his ! her name is liable to be removed from the rolls .
    14) 80% attendance is a minimum requirement for the promation to the next class.
    15)Intoxicants are strictly prohibited with in the school premises.

    16) Absolute silence must be maintained in the library and the reading materail must not be spoiled.
    17) No Students are allowed to meet outsiders during school hour without prior permission.
    18)Head Mistress, Teachers & other officials of the school are to be accepted as the guardian in the school.
    19)Exploding crackers, splashing colors and taking snaps (photography) within the school premises are strictly forbidden. Non Compliance these intructions can
    result in expulsion from the school.
    20) "BULLYING" is strictly prohibited in the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished".

    21)Students who come to the school in the care of parents! servants should never leave the school before they come to collect them. If there is any delay in their comming,school office should be informed.
    22) Girls are not allowed to grow nails and polish them.
    23)Students are warned not to celebrate any occasion like birthdays etc.
    inside the school premises, Students should participate in only those
    celebration inside the school campus which are notified by the
    Principal Esxchange of gifts by student's on Let almighty help you to gain knowledge.

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