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Our vision has led us to adopt a pervasive and learner-centric teaching methodology that focuses on an Explore – Experience – Implement model of learning that is practiced at all levels of the organization.

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The first step of any learning at BPS is "Explore".

Step one of learning starts with exploration. The neurons in the brain of young children are connecting at a furious pace and need stimulation from the five senses. In this stage learning is based on hands on experiences that lead to thinking and logical skills. Exploring ideas, thoughts, shaping and reshaping projects are all integral aspects of this stage. For a learning based project it is important that children immerse in the idea and concept to explore it from all angles. Our model helps support this exploration in children.



Stage two of learning is shaped with "Experience".

Stage two of learning is shaped with experience. Having already explored with the senses, in this stage children connect that exploration with past knowledge and create their thoughts and shape their ideas that leads to knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Analyzing, optimizing, restructuring are some of the high end pre-frontal skills developed at this stage. John Dewey’s model of “Project Based Learning” along with Jean Piaget’s “Cognitive Learning Theory” are incorporated at this stage to help children experience knowledge with understanding.



Stage three of learning, "implementation", is the goal of all education.

Stage three of learning, ‘implementation’, is the goal of all education. Knowledge is not complete unless it is applied and used to bring about change both in the individual and the society. At this stage students are encouraged to implement their ideas and bring about a change in their practice and their thinking. Implementation also helps the students understand ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ so that they can work on restructuring and redesigning the idea to suit the needs of the project. At the implementation stage students are encouraged to be independent and experience opportunities of success that help define their self-worth and self-esteem.


At BPS, we ensure that the quality of education is of the highest quality in all our schools. All our Lesson plans and exams are set by our extremely experienced BPS Innovation Center.



80+ academicians ensuring your child gets the best experience.

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Creating comprehensive lesson plans and Competency Based Examination.

Curriculum and Content Development is at the core of the BPS Innovation Centre. The team specializes in creating curriculum and content based on the guidelines of various boards including CBSE, ICSE, CAIE & IB Board.

The BPS System of Education values the child as a strong, capable and resilient individual, rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with him deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives his interest to understand the world and his place within it. Our curriculum allows the child to reflect, solve, create, grow and most importantly, think. The core elements of the PIC Curriculum are as follows:

Inquiry Approach

Problem Solving Skills

Thinking Skills



Theme based approach for effective learning.

The Theme Based Approach is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme.

The activities and lessons focus on providing students with relevant, meaningful interactive, hands-on experiences. It is also important that the lesson plans and activities be related to real-life experiences.

The thematic units give a coordinated way to deal with educating and learning. Children are able to relate to real-world experiences and build on prior knowledge of a topic. Thematic units also help teachers by paving a way to facilitating learning for each child who has his/her own way of learning things.

A thematic way to deal with instructing includes incorporating every single branch of knowledge together under one subject. Themes help us to weave the design that brings in the structure to the whole of our approach. They intertwine the different methodologies which make the learning experience meaningful for the child.

Through the theme, children get to understand their own unique strengths, explore multiple ways of learning and also use the skills that they have been acquiring.

Through skilful planning the curriculum integrates into a framework that helps children to be introduced to life skills, academic skills, understanding one’s own unique skills, critical thinking and ample of opportunities are provided for children to learn social, cognitive, emotional and physical development which are recognized as equally valuable assets which are reflected in our curriculum.


At BPS, we take our teaching seriously and believe that the most important aspect of a school is the quality of their faculty. We have seen over the past 94 years that when a child is comfortable and having fun while learning, the child is able to grasp the subject much more efficiently. We make sure it is the right person for the right job at all times. Hence we employ a two-pronged approach to get best teachers for our students.



We strive to get the best teachers in our schools.

At BPS, a lot of attention is paid to each candidate before he or she is selected as a teacher. Among the qualities tested for are the attitudes, approach to teaching, ability to deal with children, their thought process and their understanding of child psychology. Furthermore, a thorough background check both via standard verification checks as well as our own, maintains the standard we prescribe for our teachers..



All the teachers have to undergo rigorous training.

BPS Education firmly believes in the continuous professional development of all its employees right from the leaders of its various schools that are spread across the geography of India to their staff – whether teaching or non-teaching. Technique Trainings, the training wing of the BPS Innovation Centre’s Technique vertical acts as the one-stop solution for all training needs of the network.

Technique adapted and evolved itself immediately in order to not allow the pandemic to hamper the continuous professional development that the network aims to provide to its members. The duration of the lockdown was.

invested in developing leaders and teachers to not only cope with the situation at hand but also to enhance their existing skills and systems through numerous virtual training programs.

Technique now provides training solutions in the form of Classroom Programs, Virtual Training Programs, Coaching Programs, Project Based Training, Video Modules and Online Content for Training Delivery within schools. Broadly, the spectrum of Technique training programs is as follows:.

  • - Pedagogical Training.
  • - Subject Specific Training.
  • - School Support Training Programs.
  • - Leadership Training.
  • - Skill Based Program.
  • - Handbooks and School Guides.
  • - Technique Reviews.


Each child develops differently. At BPS, we understand this perfectly and provide our young learners with the ideal learning environment where they are not limited by anything in their endeavors to learn.



Students should be comfortable while learning.

At Bhilai Public School, we develop our school infrastructure with an aim to maximize the potential of each student to learn, reduce distractions, enhance focus and remove any form of discomfort or difficulty.

Hence our school is designed incorporating the principles of ergonomics at all levels. Our classrooms are spacious making sure the students can focus on the lesson. We have specially designed furniture in each of our school classrooms that make sure the student is comfortable all throughout the school session. Other facilities include:

  • A fully equipped medical centre with requisite first-aid as well as a trained medical professional.
  • Multiple Labs such as Science Labs, Maths Labs, Innovation Lab so that students get practical learning experiences.
  • State of the art Library. Since we train our students to ask questions, we also inculcate in them the curiosity for research and give them the perfect playground for finding out more about everything.
  • Safe transport for students to school and back in buses that are comfortable, clean and professionally managed. Each bus has a specially trained driver, lady attendant and a conductor. These buses operate on extensive routes.



We provide access to technology from a young age.

At Bhilai Public School, our teaching methodology expands beyond the boundaries of traditional board and chalk teaching to include technology and modern techniques wherever possible. To help students understand and visually relate to complex concepts, every classroom has been provided with projectors & visualisers. With the help of such technology we make sure our students have a firm grasp on the subject matter and are able to think in three-dimensional space.

The School is provided with secure and fast Internet connections secured by Firewalls for security. School is equipped with the ICT Lab for computer practical. The school has a very robust ICT curriculum covering topics ranging from coding, design, web applications, mobile apps and 3D Printing.



Encouraging the effective use of Technology in Education.

Meeta has challenges with writing. She uses a text-to-speech software that enables her to write with almost 98% accuracy.

Nishad finds it difficult to visualise what a heart looks like. His teacher prints a heart on a 3D printer and now Nishad learns not only how it looks but also how it works!

There are innumerable examples to show how technology has helped us learn things that were difficult or not as effective using any other means. Keeping this thought in mind, the EduTech arm of the BIC ensures integration of technology into education, in a responsible way, so that it facilitates student learning rather than hamper it.


We understand that all work and no play makes our young learners stifled and our extracurricular activities are aimed at addressing this very factor of school life.



A combination of traditional and new age sports is offered to the students.

The Sports Lab is aimed at developing fundamental skills such as focus, strategic thinking and leadership through the practice of sporting discipline.

Our ensemble of sporting activities includes.:

  • • New age sports such as skating, archery, fencing and golf.
  • • Traditional sports such as basketball, cricket, hockey and football.
  • • Coaches for each sport are selected after careful scrutiny to ensure that experience, knowledge and teaching skills are brought together for the benefit of our students.
  • • Each extracurricular activity has a carefully constructed syllabus, which is taught in a scientific and planned manner to ensure the participants not only enjoy the sport, but also develop the qualities that these sports nurture in the athletes.


Students can chose from a wide variety of holistic hobby classes.

Our skill development courses bridge the gap between curiosity and action, empowering our young learners with the ability to follow their passions. A wide variety of holistic hobby classes are offered to our students such as:

  • • Theatre.
  • • Indian and Western Dance.
  • • Classical and International Music.
  • • Public Speaking and Debating.
  • • Computer Animation.

Experts from each of these fields are brought in to teach the students the importance and subtleties of each subject. The ultimate objective is to help create all round students – successful both in and out of the classroom.