Thought of the Day : Education Is The Integrated Development Of Human Being.


Bhilai Public School promises to deliver quality education with an emphasis on a deep rooted value system. Here, our education is aimed at nurturing the children’s intellect and supporting their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. We appreciate the unique, individual talents of children and follow an instructional strategy that suits their different learning styles. This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school’s active and dynamic learning environment provides them with a wholesome education experience. To ensure that not a single child is left out in this process, we have developed an intelligent learning delivery model that ensures multi-dimensional learning of every child and helps us to bring out their natural talent and give shape to their creative thinking

Our focus is on developing each child’s character and personality, and ensuring that a BPS Student is a well-rounded, confident individual prepared for all the challenges and opportunities that the world will offer. Our teachers are recruited for their ability to nurture lifelong learners and inspire each and every student. By investing in the highest standards of teacher training, and contemporary teacher training programs, we are able to ensure that our staffs are able to deliver an exceptional education to your child.