Thought of the Day : Education Is The Integrated Development Of Human Being.

Middle Stage

CBSE Middle School Programme

The CBSE Middle Years Programme builds on the structured, student-centered foundation laid in the Primary Years Programme in Primary School. Its framework encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real World.

All the subjects are criterion-related and have strong inter-disciplinary elements. This curriculum is approached through inquiry, developing what the students know into an exciting journey of knowing more, thus stimulating a student's latent curiosity and honing the skills of research, expression, presentation and application. Students learn to share experiences and work in teams.

Middle Class (VI-VIII)

Comprising classes VI to VIII, this stage sees the introduction of History, Geography, Political Science as well as physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects. Appraisal of a child's progress is based on Competency and Continuous Assessment & day to day observation in the class, worksheets, participation in activities, C.W. & H.W.