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Rules & Regulations



Generally children are admitted to Nursery. The age of admission to nursery is 3 years as on 1st April of the year of admission. Classes begin in the Month of March. Children who seek admission shall be brought for an informal and inter-action with parents during the pre-notice time normally in the month of March. Time of registration and other admission formalities will be displayed on the school notice board..

Fresh admission for transfer cases as against clear vacancy will be considered only on the basis availability seats of merit, having minimum 60% marks. Fresh admission will be strictly followed with the written entrance test and interview.

Time of registration and test will be displayed on the school notice board from time to time successful students may be admitted provided he/she submits:-
(a)Transfer certificate from the school last attendance duly countersigned by the competent authority.
(b)Mark list of the last examination passed.
(c)Character and conduct certificate from the school last attended. Student's ID, Aadhar Card details of Bank A/c..
(d)An undertaking from the parents on regularity, discipline and cooperation.
(e)Domicile certificate (Niwas pramanpatra)

As a rule, no fresh/Direct admission in classes X & XII in the school. Students who are sent out from any school/Institution for any reason including misbehavior, negligence in studies etc. will not be admitted in Bhilai Public School, Maroda, Bhilai, Durg, CG., under any circumstances.Student's ID, Aadhar and Bank A/c details, mark list etc.

Each child is admitted to the school on the understanding that the child, is living with his/her parents. If for some reasonable arrangement, the parents should appointment a responsible local guardian .Such a guardian must be introduced to the school authorities immediately. If the arrangement is found satisfactory, the local guardian is to sign a written undertaking accepting the responsibility for the care of the child.

Parents must declare the child's correct date of birth in the admission form and must understand that this date cannot be changed at any stage. Incorrect declarations about age or any other matter will be a disqualification for admission, subsequent discovery by the school authorities of such wrong declarations could be a good ground for dismissal. Telephonic communication for admission or any official matter will not be entertained in the school.

The school doesn't accept any donations for admissions or for any other purpose and the school will not be responsible for any malpractice or illegal deal with any individual. No seats are reserved (for admission/promotion). Admission will be open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or status.

Admission to class XI is given to the students who fulfill the following:-
1. It is not at all necessary that all the students who pass x examination will get admission in XI.
2. Only those who bear good character, reputation and responsive to corrections responsible in studies and other activities.
3. Who are respectful to teachers and elders and are ready to abide by the rules and regulations of the school..

School Timings

Session: 2022 - 23

Nursery to KG-II
07:30 AM to 11:30 AM (Mon-Fri)

Classes I to IV
07:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Mon-Fri)

Classes V to VIII
11:30 AM to 04:00 PM (Mon-Fri)

Classes IX to XII
07:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Mon-Fri)

Timing for Saturday

Nur to KG-II - Holiday)

Classes 1 to IV
07:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Classes V to XII
07:00 AM to 12.20 Noon

Office Timing

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM (On Working Days)

Lunch Time

01:30 PM to 02:00 PM

Fees Collection

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM (Mon to Sat)

Fees Submission Dates

1st to 15th of Every Month

Visiting Hours

Principal: 12:00 Noon to 01:00 PM

Rules of Discipline

1) Children should come neatly & properly dressed in prescribed school uniform.

2) Student must strictly follow the school timing. Students should reach school 5 minutes before the school bell.

3) All Students must take part in assembly & then silently go back to their respective classes.

4) All students must maintain strict discipline within the school premises.

5) All Students should stand up & wish the teacher or elderly person, who enters the class.

6) Students will not shout & play in the classroom or in the corridors.

7) Students should be helpful & mutually co-operative among themselves.

8) Students should follow etiquette by using words like please Thank you "," excuse Me" Etc.

9) Students should strictly speak in English within school premise.

10) The school premises and the class rooms should be kept neat and tidy.

11) Without the permission of the teacher no one should enter any classroom.

12) Lost things found must be deposited to the class teacher.

13) if the student is absent for 15 consecutive days without a medical certificate ,his ! her name is liable to be removed from the rolls.

10) 80% attendance is a minimum requirement for the promotion to the next class.

15) Intoxicants are strictly prohibited within the school premises.

16) Absolute silence must be maintained in the library and the reading material must not be spoiled.

17) No Students are allowed to meet outsiders during school hour without prior permission.

18) Head Mistress, Teachers & other officials of the school are to be accepted as the guardian in the school.

19) Exploding crackers, splashing colors and taking snaps (photography) within the school premises are strictly forbidden. Non Compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.

20) "BULLYING" is strictly prohibited in the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished".

21) Students who come to the school in the care of parents! servants should never leave the school before they come to collect them. If there is any delay in their coming, school office should be informed.

22) Girls are not allowed to grow nails and polish them.

23) Students are warned not to celebrate any occasion like birthdays etc. inside the school premises, Students should participate in only those celebration inside the school campus which are notified by the Principal.

Rules of Admission

The Management reserves to itself the right of admission. Admission is open to all without distinction/discrimination provided children are deemed capable of drawing benefit from the kind of education imparted. Those applying for admission are, as a rule, to appear for achievement tests in the main subjects, they are tested as for terminal level of the class below the one for which they seek admission.

A pupil who has attended a recognized school must submit a Transfer Certificate from the School. In the case of students from unrecognized private school or those who have not attended school, official Birth Certificate from, such as the municipal or Panchayat, in support of the date of birth must be submitted. AFFIDAVITS ARE NOT ACCEPTED as a valid document. Excepting for clerical error, claims for change of date of birth are not entertained..

All documents presented at the time of admission become the property of the School and cannot be returned. In the event of any clerical error regarding date of Birth in the Report Card or certificate issued must be brought to the notice of the office immediately for rectification.

Names of pupils, who remain absent without leave, for six consecutive days, will be struck off the roll. On their returning to school, if accepted, a re-admission fee will be charged.

Admission to Class XI: Senior Secondary is a separate course..

Admission to Senior Secondary Classes is entirely at the discretion of the School Authorities.

Provisional admission to Class XI will be done after the CBSE/ICSE/State Board exams on the student's performance in Class IX and Class X. To be admitted to the Science Stream, a student should have a consistent score of 80% in Science and Mathematics and 70% marks for Commerce Stream..

Admission to Class XI will be confirmed only after the Class X Board Results and submission of the pass certificate of Class X Board Examination with the required percentage of marks. Fees paid at the time of provisional admission are not refundable

Rules of Attendance

Pupil must be punctual at the beginning of the day, for all subject classes and activities. Attendance for morning assembly is compulsory.

For every absence, a written statement signed by the parents/guardian is required on the day the pupil returns. If a student is absent for more than three days for reasons of ill health a certificate from a doctor is required stating illness and fitness.

A Student who arrives late will require bringing an explanatory note from the parents. All explanatory notes for absence/late arrival should be handed over to the Principal. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without the permission of the Principal.

Outside the vacation period pupils are not granted leave. Prior permission should be sought for absence from School for any reason known or planned in advance. These following:
(a)Students who are regularly sick and fall short of the required 75% of attendance may be asked to leave the School on grounds of physical unfitness.
(b)No leave will be granted during the examinations.

Students late for the 3rd time will be sent home and considered absent.

Students will not be allowed to leave school early unless parents/guardian presents a written note to the Principal for reasons of emergency..

Attendance on the first day of the School after vacation is absolutely essential. A fine for each day of absence may be imposed on those absent from the first day. Those absent due to illness must inform the School either before or on the reopening day and present a medical certificate before they are admitted to class. Pupils who do not join school on this day without any information are liable to forfeit their places.

Readmission may be considered. The names of pupil who remain absent without leave for six consecutive days may be struck off the rolls. A punitive fine may be imposed on late comers as a measure of exemplary punishment.

School Fees Rules

The twelve months tuition fee is paid in four installments i.e. in the Month of April, July, October and January as indicated in the Fee Vouchers.

Fee Installment must be paid by the 10th of the month.

From 11th onwards late fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged per week and Bank has no authority to waive the late fee.

It will be the sole responsibility of the Parents to deposit the fee in time. The School holds no responsibility to remind the parents for the same.

No deductions are made for vacations or broken periods. Fees once paid are not refundable.

Parents should ensure that the Registration Number, Class, Section and the Name of the Student are duly entered in the Fee Book in order to avoid inconvenience. Fees are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management. .

The delay of payment beyond three months renders a pupil liable to be struck off the rolls. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for any of the examination unless all dues of the school are paid up to date. No Transfer Certificate will be issued unless all sums due to the school have been paid in full.

Fees are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.

Free Education: Free education is provided to the handicapped students on submission of necessary certificate..

Fees Concession: Brother /Sister Concession are given to student studying in BPS School (for one child only) The students can avail concession only on providing documentary evidence.

School Library Rules

The school library is open for students during school hours. At least one library period is assigned in the weekly schedule for all classes.

1) Strict Silence should be observed in the library.

2) Students are not allowed to bring their personal belongings to the library.

3) They must carry the library card, signed by the competent authority.

4) Student who keeps a book longer than the time permitted will be fined one rupee per day.

5) Books in the reference section should be taken out from the library .

6) Periodic publication, dictionaries, guides and other costly reference books are not to be taken out of library.

7) Issue of books can any time be suspended by the order of the Principal.

8) T.C. will not be issued unless a clearance is obtained from the librarian.

9) Books issued should be returned to the library in a good condition, If a book is marked, disfigured the borrower will have to either replace the book or pay the price of the book.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet the teachers during the class hours. Those wishing to visit the school or meet the staff of the school must first obtain permission from the Principal.

Parents who regularly fail to attend Parent-Teacher meetings will be deemed to be not interested in the student's education and as this is pernicious to the school in general and the student in particular and the student may be asked to discontinue.

On completion of the Summative Assessment report cards should be collected personally by the Parents.

Besides the meeting arranged regularly, parents are expected to attend the instructions given through the diary or through E-Care services and come to school when so required.

Parents of academically weak and/or of students with unsteady disciplinary conduct, who fail to attend P.T. meetings, will be deemed to be uninterested in their ward's education.